If you intend to attend AND present at MARC2012, this section is for you!

All grad students, postdocs, visiting scientists, and staff working within MTL, or whose advisers are MTL affiliated, are invited (and encouraged!) to present their work at MARC2012. For the first time at MARC, the application process can now accomplished entirely through our shiny new streamlined MARC2012 website. To begin, just follow the steps below. As the submission process proceeds we will send you reminder emails at key dates, asking you to return to this link to make the necessary submissions.

  1. MARC2012 Registration – opens October 10th 
  2. Title Submission – October 10th to October 21st
  3. One Page Abstract Submission – Due November 4th 
  4. Revise Reviewed Abstract and Submit Finalized Abstract – November 21st to December 1st
  5. One Powerpoint Slide Submission – Due January 5th
  6. Poster Submission – Due January 5th (for courtesy printing by MTL)


Title Submission [top]

To start off with, all we need you to do is to register for MARC2012 and to provide the preliminary information (title, list of authors and session) about your submission. We will accept title submissions from October 10th to October 21st. Once your title is accepted we will email you asking you to return to submit your abstract.

Submission of your abstract title constitutes consent for your abstract to be published. This abstract will be published in the MARC2012 Conference Proceedings. Please take this into consideration when disclosing research results and choosing figures to include with your submission.

Abstract [top]

We request a one-page abstract (due Friday, November 4th) for publication in the MARC proceedings. Please follow the Create/Edit Submission link below to separately submit your abstract text and figures.

Once you have submitted your abstract, it will be reviewed by the MARC2012 committee. The revised version will then be uploaded onto the MARC2012 website. At that time we will email you to ask that you download it, make any further necessary adjustments and then upload your finalized abstract. All stages of this process can be accomplished by following the Create/Edit Submission link Create/Edit Submission

Abstract Template and Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with our Abstract Guidelines before preparing your abstract. This includes making sure that you have created separate figure files for your submission.


Poster [top]

Deadline: 5:00PM on January 5, 2012 for POSTERS

If you elect to have your poster printed by MTL using the EECS plotter, you can submit your poster by following the Create/Edit Submission link Create/Edit Submission .

All posters must be submitted by this date, or they will not be printed by MTL! If you choose to have your poster printed elsewhere, please drop it off at 39-313 by Friday, January 13th.

When your poster has been printed, an e-mail will be sent to you. You can stop by to review your poster by prior appointment

Poster Guidelines and Template


Presentation [top]

The Microsoft Powerpoint (PPT) slide must be submitted via the Create/Edit Submission link no later than 5:00 PM on January 5, 2012. Create/Edit Submission

NOTE: PPT slide(s) that do not arrive by the deadline will not appear in the technical program.

PPT Guidelines and Template


To incentivize you to take advantage of this opportunity to present your work with eloquence and energy to a broad audience of peers, faculty, and industry representatives, awards will be given to the best oral presentations. They will be evaluated by the industry attendees at MARC2012. Awards will be presented at the closing of MARC2012 on January 19, 2012. The winners will be asked to repeat their presentation at the Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) board meeting.

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